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Cranial Mononeuropathy Iii; Diabetic Type


Cranial mononeuropathy-III is a disorder which results in complication of diabetes. Cranial mononeuropathy-III is observed as the most common cranial nerve disorder in those people who are suffering from diabetes. Pupil-sparing third cranial nerve palsy and diabetic third nerve palsy is considered as the alternative name of the condition.

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Cranial mononeuropathy-iii diabetic type is a kind of mononeuropathy in which only one nerve gets damaged. The nerve (known as third nerve-oculomotor) which controls the eye movement gets damaged. It is due to this disorder affected people face problems of eyelid drooping and double vision. This kind of disease usually occurs in combination with diabetic neuropathy.

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Signs & Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of the disorder are:

  • Pain in head or behind eye area
  • Problems of double vision
  • Drooping of one eyelid.
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If people are suffering from diabetes, then they are advised to keep their blood sugar level. Keeping blood sugar level under control helps in minimizing the risk of Cranial mononeuropathy-III.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

Although, there is no sure-fire way of correcting the nerve injury, steps are taken to control the symptoms. Keeping control over blood sugar level helps in making speedy recovery. Doctors may perform surgery for correcting drooping eye lid or dysconjugate gaze if required. Commonly, doctors make use of prism or eye patches to reduce the problem of double vision. Medications like analgesics will be given to treat the pain. However, it is not necessary in all the cases the treatment is required. Some people may require no treatment as they easily recover without taking any sort of treatment.

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